Bread Experiment 3: Rye, oatmeal and walnut bread

Yesterday, I made my next foray into my new bread book.  At the request of my husband I went looking for a rye bread recipe.  For better or worse, there was only a recipe for rye and oat bread.  So I began the mixing and rising sequences. This bread was almost entirely rye and wheat flour which makes it very healthy and good for you.  All went smoothly – I remembered how to do most of it and went back to the longer descriptions for the parts I was hazy on.

My father has taken over the bread making for my parents and he has been putting dried fruits and nuts into his breads to rave reviews.  My husband and I just love walnuts so I decided that I should also add some in just for fun. 🙂 They have to be added in at the last kneading when you are shaping the dough into loaves so that it can rise one last time and then you get to cook it.  I got out the walnuts and began to break them up into the bread.  I would knead for a bit and then add some walnuts and then knead again.  I was quite surprised at how hard it was to knead the walnuts in.  They seemed to keep pushing their way to the outer edges of the bread and refused to stay in the middle where I wanted them!  The walnuts made the bread a bit lumpier and not as smooth on top, but they are super yummy once the bread was cooked.

My parents and I are also currently waiting on a sourdough starter should be ready tomorrow morning for use.  I can’t wait to try it out and see how the bread comes out. 🙂

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