How sweet do you want that?

I love anything with sugar in it.  This has been my Achilles heel in weight loss.  If the sugar is in front of me, I eat it.  I have almost no power to control myself.  I have even been known to eat myself sick. 😉  So needless to say I go to great lengths not to have anything sweet around, or make sure that I have enough weight watchers points in order to eat whatever is around.  My dilemma is that I need some sugar on a regular basis or I crave it desperately.  Now I could try to break myself of the sugar cravings, however, I have basically decided that I don’t have the willpower to do it and life is not nearly and rich and wonderful without sweets.  So this leads me to exercise a lot in hopes of balancing what I ate out (which is somewhat successful and more often not).  I am also trying to constantly to balance satisfying my sweet tooth with keeping within the prescribed number of Weight Watchers points.

I need something that is sweet enough to make my sweet tooth happy and yet it isn’t so sweet that I must eat every piece in sight (which is exactly what happens when I make chocolate chip cookies or something similar).  Weight Watchers makes some pretty tasty ice cream treats, they seem to do a decent job and there are skinny cow ice cream sandwiches that are pretty good too.  The problem is that they use a fair amount of chemicals and I am also trying to stay organic as much as possible.  So the holy grail would be a baked good that I could make and eat one at a time.  I have discovered that the Weight Watchers cookbook has a decent section of baked goods.  They take the butter and sugar down to rather small amounts and each recipe is generally pretty small.  I have made the peanut butter cookies and the apple oatmeal cookies which are both decent.  I can think of many ways to make them each better (mainly adding more butter and sugar! 😉  but for what they are, they are pretty good.  So I am experimenting with other ways to make these recipes yummier, but also to find recipes that have a completely different take on baking – somehow use just healthy ingredients and manage to make things my sweet tooth is perfectly happy for me to eat in nice reasonable portions.  Do you know of any such wonderful recipes?

2 thoughts on “How sweet do you want that?

  1. So this isn’t a recipe, but I LOVE Zbars. They’re sort of a cookie-like bar made by Clif. They’re nominally for kids, but I find them to be a really good dessert/snack, and apparently they’re organic. They come in chocolate chip, peanut butter, and chocolate brownie, and each bar has 120-140 calories.

  2. Meringue cookies! They are almost all eggs so it’s basically like eating a protein bar. I know weight watchers is a fan (at least I think they are).

    I actually did something interesting the other day: I was given a piece of cake by my friend’s mom. I took it home and immediately cut it into 4 pieces, wrapped each piece in foil, and dumped them in the freezer. That way I can take a piece out and eat it when I want, but I have to wait for it to thaw first! That prevents the over eating, I think.

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