Pickles! :)

I love pickles! Yes, I know that I said I love sweets this afternoon and I do love sweets, but I also love me some pickles.  I have been very lucky lately to have some free time to do whatever I please and my to do list includes painting and lots of baking and yoga.  One of the things on my to do list was to make pickles.  A friend of mine sent me a wonderful Washington Post article about making pickles.  On my weekly grocery shopping trip this week, I bought all the ingredients and today I made pickles!  They were fairly easy to make.  First you make a pickling brine and let it sit for about two hours.  Then you layer dill and garlic at the bottom of a sterilized mason jar, stuff it with cut up cucumbers and top it off with more dill and jalepenos.  Now the hard part begins – waiting for the week while the pickles get pickled.  I am really looking forward to opening them up and trying them.  Mmmmmmm…….

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