Vata: a cold and dry fall energy

I am trying out a new yoga studio.  Tentatively, I like it.  I originally went to this studio when I first got here, but the class I went to was not so much a class as a self guided yoga time in a studio.  There was a sequence of poses that you were supposed to follow, but unfortunately I didn’t know them when I went in.  I got through it, but it was a bit intense for me.  However, since the studio I have been going to provided wonderful physical exercise, but very little of the meditative side of yoga, I decided it was time to branch out and try it again.  This time instead of the super intense class I picked a beginner’s class.  It was lovely.  It wasn’t physically challenging, but the teacher was wonderful at bringing the spiritual side of yoga into our practice.

She talked about vata which is the energy of the fall.  It is an excited nervous energy that causes us to run around and work on feathering our nest for the winter.  I am particularly prone to nesting and with the recent move have felt even more so inclined to nest and make my house comfortable and welcoming.  The negative side to vata is that it causes irritability and anxiety.  I am also very prone to worrying about things so this also struck me as very interesting.  As a way to balance out vata, we did a practice that slowed down our movements and made sure we were very supported in each pose.  Then at the end of class, I got a proper shivasna! 🙂  I came out feeling much better.  My whole being felt balanced and relaxed again.

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