Ode to Candy Corn

Oh candy corn how I love thee, let me count the ways.  Candy corn is just freaking amazing.  I have always enjoyed it, but this Halloween season I have developed a bit of an obsession.  It is just so irresistibly good.  I love eating it in three parts to savor the flavor.  I start with the white tip, followed by the orange center, and topped off with the yellow top.  It just makes my tummy so happy!

At the beginning of the month, I went to Target and bought a bag of mellocreme pumpkins (these are super yummy too!) and a bag of little packages of candy corn for trick-or-treaters.  The candy corn made it a couple of days before I opened it just to have a bit of sweet after lunch one day.  But see the problem was, it was so good, I just couldn’t eat just one little package, I wanted more.  So over the next week I had more, and more and more until it is possible I might have made myself slightly sick.  So my husband took the remaining candy corn and stapled the bag shut on the theory that I couldn’t get into it that way.

About two nights ago, I smiled extra sweetly and got him to open the bad to get just one little package.  This worked until last night.  I was sitting on the couch watching the Daily Show and kept thinking, “mmmmm…..candy corn, you know it would be really yummy to have some now.  I have been pretty good today, it would be ok if I just had a package or two…..”  I wondered over to the candy corn very nochanlantly and picked up the bag.  I realized that he had cut a whole in the bottom of the bag in order to get it out the other night so I fished two bags out and made my way back to the couch.  My husband was typing away at his laptop and it took him a moment to realize what I had done.  Then he put his hand out and I gave him a piece too.  I finished those two bags and went for two more.  Then those were gone too.  I knew I should stop, but it was just so yummy! 🙂  So then I went back to the kitchen and decided that I was just going to finish it.  I grabbed it and took it back to the living room.  My husband looked at me and then down at my candy corn and went to grab it.  I wasn’t quite fast enough and he got it.  He was off – running into the backyard.  I chased him around to the side and finally he relented telling me “you are going to be sad tomorrow when you realize that you don’t have any left.”  He was right, I am sad, and I probably should feel guilty about it, but I don’t.  I just remember the yumminess of it all!

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