Halloween Candy

On October 5th, the same fateful day I bought all that candy corn, I also decided that I should buy a big bag of Halloween candy at Costco.  We recently moved into a house and I rationalized it because we needed to have candy to hand out to the kiddies that came by to trick-or-treat.  Besides, following my mother’s long tested rule, you wanted to buy Halloween candy when it was fresh.  You didn’t want it to be stale and picked over by the time you bought it. * Then for some strange reason, my husband insisted that we actually not open the bag of candy until Halloween.  What is up with that???  So while I was destroying the candy corn the rest of the candy has mocked me for the last three weeks.  Every time I run across it, it almost jumps up and in a very sing songy voice says, “nanny, nanny boo-boo, you can’t have me”  to me.

Yesterday, I was back at Costco again to pick up a few things for our Halloween party.  I grabbed my cart, walked in and flashed the door person my membership card and then I was assaulted.  Right before me was a long wall of nothing but the same large bags of Halloween candy that I bought three weeks before.  This was Costco, so believe me when I say the display was mammoth and out of control.  I didn’t know what to do, after my weeks of avoiding the candy in my own kitchen I was confronted with more candy than I knew what to do with.  I took a deep breath and marched onward gripping my shopping list in one hand.

*Of course when I was growing up, the Halloween candy always disappeared long before the trick-or-treaters ever came, and we had to buy more, but that was not the point!

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