Cooking – Family Style

One of my favorite things about baking and cooking is the warm cozy feeling inside that it brings me.  At that moment all the negativity in life is brushed away and everything just feels so right and good.  My mother used to always say that she baked love into the dish and I agree that there is always a bit something extra in the food when you eat a home cooked meal.  There is such a feeling of satisfaction when I completely destroy the kitchen and then pull something warm and fragrant out of the oven.

Cooking with someone else can be even more lovely and warm.  However, it can also deteriorate quickly into a down and dirty argument about exactly how you should chop something.  It gets so vicious because cooking technique is so unique to each person.  In my family growing up we always had a one person in the kitchen at a time rule.  If there were two people, one person tended to be the head cook of sorts and the other took instructions.  I generally followed this rule.  I tended to be the head cook and I could very easily delegate to others to get a meal going.  I had a very good friend come to visit a couple of weeks ago and we had a very intense menu planned out for her birthday dinner.  At first I got really tense about making sure everything go done, but then I realized that I was being silly and I just needed to let go of certain parts of the dinner that she was working on and that everything would turn out just fine.  I could help if she needed it, but otherwise I should just assume everything would turn out wonderfully.  And you know what?  It did.  It was a wonderful meal that I got to share with close friends and that made me so warm and content that I was quite sure what to do with myself.

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