First Freeze

This morning I woke up to find frost on the ground.  In years past this wouldn’t have been of any particular note.  It would have just meant a couple more layers on my way out the door, but this year I have a garden.  Since this is California, I was under the impression that I could have it growing all year long.  Evidently not so much.

Before we moved out to the Bay Area, my husband, Jake, looked up the weather to see what it would be like.  According to Wikipedia, it was a mediterranean climate.  This had me picturing warm breezes all year round.  However, as the year has progressed and the temperature has sunk lower and lower, it appears that it gets cold in California too.  The last couple of weeks, it has gotten even chillier.  Jake found an alert on the weather channel that would text me if it was going to freeze that night so that I could tuck in my garden.  Two days ago, I got just such a text.  So I went hunting for old sheet and pillow cases and cleverly used clothespins to attach the sheet over parts of my garden.  I woke up the next morning and there might have been a wee bit of frost, but nothing too bad.  Yesterday, I got no such text, so I figured that my plants were fine.  However, this morning proved otherwise.  I think this is a lesson to me that weather forecasts are only so accurate and if it is cold outside, perhaps I should just cover the plants anyway.

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