Chocolate Whey Protein Powder and Oatmeal: FAIL

In the mornings I generally have chocolate whey protein powder with milk and oatmeal.  I like my oatmeal old school style so I make it with whole oats on the stove with water and a some raisins thrown in for a bit of sweet.  It is a yummy breakfast and it fills me up.  So this morning, I thought, I can cut out the milk (minus about 100 calories-yeah!) and just put the whey powder directly into the oatmeal which will make a lovely warm chocolate concoction that still has protein and and oats.

So into the pan all the ingredients went.  I added in some extra water to account for the extra dry ingredients and started cooking it.  It smelled lovely – kinda like hot chocolate cooking.  I was all excited and then I started eating it.  It tasted awful, well maybe not entirely awful, but as I worked my way through the bowl (cause I wasn’t going to waste it!) it become more and more chalky and gross in consistency.  So to all of you out there that think putting protein powder in oatmeal is a wonderful idea, I strongly recommend against it!  Now I am off to wash the taste of it out of my mouth!

One thought on “Chocolate Whey Protein Powder and Oatmeal: FAIL

  1. I would stick to mixing my protein powder with the milk. But don’t give up on the protein powder. It’s a highly beneficial nutritional source, great for weight loss, athletes, and anyone who wants to add some perfectly balanced nutrition to their diet. If formulated correctly protein powder is easy to digest so that it is easy to take advantage of metabolic windows (when your body is most receptive to muscle building and repair) when exercising and it’s easy to pack with you if you are dieting and need a meal on the run.

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