Monthly Archives: April 2009

The blahs and just general malaise

This spring has been full of starts and stops and I keep waiting for it to actually stick.  One day it is bright, sunny and warm out and the next day it is cold and cloudy.  My mood seems to follow this ebb and flow of the weather too.  Last week it was so sunny and so warm (a bit too warm for my non-air-conditioned house) and I was happy and soaring with the thought that spring had finally arrived and hoping that it would stay warm.  I brought out my favoritist brightly colored sun dresses and wore them with abandon. This week it is cloudy and downright cold and I am cranky and the world just feels so very blah.

After I took the bar at the end of February, I had great hopes for the start of Spring.  I figured that out here in warm California land, like my home state of Texas, March would signal the end of the coolness and the beginning of the warm up to summer.  I was very much looking forward to the new start.  I would be done studying and worrying about the bar and I could begin to get my life (and the house!) back in order again.  While I studied through rainy, cold February I imagined myself sitting outside at a cafe sipping coffee and typing away on my computer while the warm sun warmed my shoulders.

Alas, this did not happen.  It has gotten warm a couple of times, only to get cold again.  I feel like actual spring/summer has to be quite around the corner, I am just not sure where or when it will appear.  I feel like this mirrors my life at the moment.  I am trying to start out on a new path, but at times it is harder than I expected.  I feel like there is something wonderful out there just waiting to happen or for me to stumble upon, but I don’t really know where it is or how to get to it.

I keep retreating in: back to the safety of my home.  I am sleepy in the morning and it is hard to leave my warm bed.  I feel like I need to be dealing with things at home and getting them prepared for something.  I am just not quite sure what that something is.  Even my yoga lately has been very slow and I seldom have the energy to get through the more difficult sequences or hold a pose for very long.  I find myself often choosing child’s pose instead of holding down dog or taking the extra vinyassa.   I am no good at waiting so whatever I am waiting for, I hope it reveals itself soon and I can go back to being me: back to bounding out of bed in the morning, back to attacking my to do list with excitment and lots of energy and back to a yoga practice where pushing myself to new levels feels so good to my muscles and my body.

Spring, wherever you are, I am waiting for you!  Not so patiently, but I am doing my best.

Lemon Tea: Take Two

When I was little, I remember my mother making me a mixture of lemons and lots of honey to help soothe a really bad sore throat.  It was delicious.  There was something about the interplay between the very sour lemon and the the spoonfuls of yummy honey she would add in.  Then she would heat it up so it was nice and warm.

As I grew older I took the recipe and added hot water to make a “lemon tea” that I made for anyone that was sick or starting to feel that way.  I have been not feeling so well the last couple of days.  It started with stuffed up sinuses which progressed into a sore throat and coughing. Yesterday, the shit hit the fan and I was achy all over and didn’t want to move much. I am blaming in on too much flying. We didn’t have any lemons so Jake made me some lemon tea out of key limes.  There was lots of love in it, but the key limes just didn’t quite do the trick.  So last night he, I and Sophie headed out for our evening walk to the nearby grocery store to get some lemons.  Then he made me the tea and it was just exactly what I wanted.  For that split second that I was drinking it my throat didn’t feel like knives were tearing it apart.

Last night I tossed, turned and coughed in the way you do when you are sick.  I had crazy dreams that seemed even more real than usual.  Then about 4 a.m. in the midst of one of my coughs that was just dreadful, I had an idea.  What about if I added fresh grated ginger and mint leaves (from my very own mint plant that is going crazy) to the lemon tea?  I have read that ginger is supposed to have healing qualities and the mint it seemed would help break up the crap in my chest.  So this morning, into the small saucepan I put

  • juice from one good sized lemon (the softer the skin outside the juicier they seem to be)
  • about an inch of ginger grated with my dear microplane
  • and a handful of mint leaves
  • a coffee mug full of water
  • a good drizzling of honey (I like my pretty sweet so I am very generous with the honey)

All of the amounts of these ingredients can be played with according to your tastes. Then I let it heat up and boil for a minute to get everything all mixed together. After the minute passed, I turned off the burner, put the lid on and just let the whole mixture set for a couple of minutes while I started some cinnamon buns for Easter breakfast tomorrow. Then I strained the whole mixture and am currently sipping.  It is really delicious.  The flavors seem to meld together nicely and it seeems to be forcing up the crud in my chest.  I hope everyone is feeling nice and well, but if you aren’t give this a whirl. 🙂