Yummy Yoga

Yesterday was a good yoga day: yummy as a favorite teacher of mine would say.  I have been feeling very low energy lately and getting through yoga and my runs has been something of challenge.  But yesterday was good.  Alex took Sophie to work with him.  This left me with extra time and energy before yoga because I there was no Sophie walk to do.  So I decided to bike to yoga for the first time in a bit.  It felt so nice to stretch my legs.  They had so much energy running through them and it just felt wonderful.  I felt unstoppable.  The cool morning breeze blew through all around me and I flew to yoga.

I got to yoga all nice and sweaty with my muscles feeling nicely stretched out.  The class isn’t normally particularly difficult for me and this morning I just flowed through it.  I felt like I could get just a bit more out of the twisty poses.  When the choice of child’s pose/down dog/another vinyasa came up, it seemed the natural choice to go through the vinyasa and then press back into down dog and just feel the nice stretch in my arms and shoulders.  It was just lovely.  I remembered what it feels like to really feel apart of my practice and to feel at one with my body instead of constantly feeling like I was fighting it (and then yelling at myself for fighting it instead of just accepting where I was that day – my brain is capable of creating so many chances to yell at myself!).  My body felt very connected and it was very nice.  Now if only I can accept with grace the other days my body is not quite so happy with me 😉

One thought on “Yummy Yoga

  1. How awesome! I have found that if I get out of bed and get through the tough workouts, the really energizing ones help so very much.

    I would love to see pics of Sophie and hear all about her, from one Dog Mommy to another.

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