My venture into raw foods

On my cooking journey my next stop is raw foods.  I am fascinated by raw food diets.  I am not entirely sure how one can possibly feel full eating only mostly fruits and veggies, not to mention how you manage to get all of the necessary nutrients.  A friend of mine lent me a book called The Raw Truth: The Art of Preparing Living Foods by Jeremy A. Safron.  She further enticed me with stories of lovely desserts without sugar or butter.  My sweet tooth couldn’t wait to see!  So this week I decided that I would “cook” a raw foods meal.  I made Apples with Ginger Chutney, Gazpacho and for dessert: Bliss Balls.

So it turns out that raw foodists get a good portion of their nutrition from sprouts.  When plants sprout, they release a good amount of nutrients so that they can grow into a plant.  These nutrients aren’t available when it just in a seed form.  So by eating sprouted plants you get those lovely just released vitamins and minerals.  I had my first experience with sprouting because the bliss balls called for a cup of sprouted oat groats. Oat groats are the seed form of oats which surprising Whole Foods carried.  According to the book you are supposed to soak the groats for 6 hours and then in two days they will sprout.  In the meantime you need to keep them nice and wet.  So I soaked and I waited and I admit, my groats didn’t sprout.  I am not exactly sure why, but I think groats on are on the harder scale of sproutable things so I think I will go back and try something easy next time like alfalfa.  None the less, I mixed them into the bliss balls, which consisted of soaked dates (makes them easier to blend), peanut butter, cocoa powder (so I was supposed to use carob powder to be true to raw foods, but I don’t like carob powder), raisins and some spices.  They were tasty and I am looking forward to snacking on the leftovers today.

“Cooking” for raw foodists involves more of using the food processor a lot and a juicer if you have one, which I don’t.  They gazpacho is entirely just cut up veggies and fresh herbs.  I got to try out a new herb that I haven’t used before: tarragon.  It was a bit spicy smelling and added a lovely flavor to the gazpacho.  The ginger chutney involved more soaked dates, their soaking water and grated ginger.  Then you cut up apples to dip into it.  Super tasty!  I also have to admit a bias for anything involving ginger.  It is the best.

By the end of the meal, I was pleasantly full, which surprised me.  Although I admit that we also opened a bottle of champagne too because it just seemed like the perfect thing to go with the food; so nice and light and airy.  I doubt that champagne is raw food approved.  I have the leftovers in the fridge which I am going to eat for lunch.  My husband loved it all too – he really enjoyed the gazpacho especially.  I think the raw foods meal was a success and I will definitely try out some more recipes.

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