A Possible Treatment for Mild Arthritis, Original Desitin

Note: We have a guest blogger today, my wonderful father, Bill Howe.  He is writing about something that has been really helpful to him and I hope it will be helpful to you too.

Approximately twenty years ago, as I was changing my youngest daughter’s diapers, I realized that original Desitin relieved the arthritis pain in my hands. I had been changing her diaper from a mild explosion. It was messy. I cleaned her up and to make sure she did not get any diaper rash, I liberally spread original Desitin all over her bottom. In the process, I got some over my fingers.

As I rubbed the Desitin off my fingers and hand, I realized that the pain in my hand had decreased. It took about five years before I started using it regularly for the arthritis in my hands, then another five years for my feet, then another five years for my hips. Desitin original has removed the pain almost immediately and has reduced the swelling of my hands, feet, hips, and occasional problems in knees, lower back, elbows, shoulder, and neck. It has kept me moving and allowed me to do all the actives that I enjoy doing.  i.e. am building a small farm on 10 acres of land in the hill country of Texas. I also love to hike.
One main problem with original Desitin (cream Desitin does not work) is that it stains quite badly. I remember when I got some in an embarrassing place. Luckily, I was in a bathroom and decided to use some toilet paper. The toilet paper did a great job of removing the stain so that it could not be seen much. The remainder of the stain was removed in the laundry.
A paper towel is a good first start to removing the Desitin. Rub hard! Soap and water do not work well at first. After most of the Desitin has been removed, then soap and water will work some.
One day I had Desitin all over my hands–they were hurting. My middle daughter made quite a negative comment on the presentation of my hands. Since then, I have learned to wipe the Desitin off with a paper towel from my hands, feet, and other areas after a only a few seconds to ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the time available (I often read and relax for ten to fifteen minutes). Wiping the Desitin off also reduces the amount that goes into the laundry. I do leave it on my hips since it has some distance to travel and the hips are large structures, when considering the surface to volume ratio.
One day as I was putting on my Desitin, my wife walked in and said it stinks in here. She opened up the windows.  It is also good to have some ventilation as one  applies Desitin as others may not appreciate the pervading smell.
I rub Desitin in, going over it 2-3 times when I get up in the morning. It has a drying effect on the skin so that if ones uses it more than once or twice, cover the areas with cream a few hours later in between applications.  For the rest of the day, I apply as needed.  If it hurts, I rub more in. Sometimes I get busy which doesn’t seem to be a problem.  I always  put some on before I go to bed. I usually put cream on just before going to sleep.
I have used Desitin for my arthritis for over 15 years now and it has served me well. It has kept me active–working and playing. I write this, hoping that this treatment may help many others to remain active and doing what they want. I will try to answer questions and respond to comments.

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