Musings of the sugarless

It is officially day 10 of no sugar.  So far, I have survived and I haven’t given in.  Both of these are good things.  However, I have noticed a couple of things that are worth nothing about myself.

1) Drinking makes the cravings really bad.  Last Friday night, Alex and I decided to get a bottle of cheap wine at Trader Joes and some baked cheese puffs and have happy hour at home.  Both were acceptable to the new diet, but felt just enough like cheating to be fun for a Friday night.  Bad decision.  Half a bottle of wine later, my desire to walk to 7-Eleven and raid whatever sweets they had was really intense.  Not fun nor good.  Lesson learned: must keep the drinking down. Upside: one glass of champagne for dinner tonight seemed to be just fine.

2) Chips should also be on the list.  I couldn’t stop eating those cheese puffs until they were all gone.  Ergo, they go on the addictive list and should not be eaten.

3) I am actually not addicted to rich foods even if they are not healthy for me.  Tonight I made a lovely Julia Child meal because I hadn’t really cooked in awhile and I wanted to create.  I made chicken breasts with a yummy port cream sauce, creamed spinach and a wild rice pilaf.  It was lovely.  It did have just over a half a cup of butter in it and 2 cups of half and half in it so it wasn’t particularly healthy, but I found half way through the chicken that I just wasn’t hungry anymore and I could easily just stop which was a pleasant discovery.

4) Sugar/sweets are everywhere.  I never really realized it until I wasn’t eating sugar, but it is all over the place.  I run into probably 10 times a day easily.  This means there are 10 times a day when I have to repeat to myself that I am not depriving myself of this, but instead this is a decision that I made voluntarily and I intend to stick to it. Society should take note of this and contemplate doing something about it. No freaking wonder our country is overweight!

I also have this constant conversation going on in my head about whether I will be able to try small amounts once the initial month is up or not.  However, I keep trying to remind myself that I need to get through this month first, then I will see what happens next.

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