Homemade Butter: ridicuously yummy!

I know, I know, this is a bit of an odd post to follow right on the heels of my post about weight dilemmas.  However, I very strongly feel that part of eating well is eating closer to nature and closer to the ground.  I have this notion that if I could simply just eat real food (with the sugar in moderation) then my weight would adjust itself accordingly and I would be ok.  However, I haven’t ever successfully been able to accomplish this.  Which leads me to homemade butter.  When we were in France, the butter was fantastic.  The flavor just popped in your mouth.  Then spread on a fresh baguette made it just fabulous!  Since coming back, I have tried in vain to find something that approximates the same taste to no avail.  So I decided that I would try to make it myself.

My first stop was Whole Foods, where I had been told that I could find the sea salt from the Island of Re which is off the northern coast of France.  This salt is particularly good for some reason that I don’t know.  I found the sea salt and also picked up some Strauss Family Creamery heavy whipping cream. They have the best dairy products that I can currently find in a store.  I am still working on finding an actual dairy to get some raw cream from for butter.  The French butter is made from the raw cream and I think there is something there, but more on that later.  Then I started googling for butter recipes.  I had an idea of how to make it, but just wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing.  I found this recipe on Cooking for Engineers.  It is amazingly detailed and complete with pictures of what things will look like.  It made very tasty butter and I used their approximations for the salt to add.  My only addition is to make sure that when you are removing the buttermilk, that you pour the butter through a strainer.  It helps put the butter into a ball so that you can knead it in the cold water next.  The recipe was fairly simple to make, just throw the cream into my favorite kitchen aid mixer turn it on, put the splash guard on and let it rip.  I checked on every 5 minutes or so, but spent most of the time cleaning up the kitchen instead of working on the butter.  It was really surprisingly easy.  It was all finished in about 20 minutes and then you can spread the butter on bread and ohmygoodness it was fantastic!

Morale of this story – go out an make yourself some butter!!

And then don’t keep it in the fridge – it spreads better and has a better taste when it is room temperature!

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