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How to double-dig a garden bed

At Common Ground, we bought a book on Biointensive gardening. It’s a method for growing as much food as possible in a small space, while also maintaining a healthy soil. Long ago, people perfected these techniques. Now that monoculture and industrial agriculture are depleting our soils, we will probably need these skills again!

We recorded this video of some digging we did recently in the backyard. Take a look!

If you’d like to try for yourself, I recommend the book we got, The Sustainable Vegetable Garden by John Jeavons. It’s a quick introduction to biointensive gardening, so you won’t be overwhelmed, and it explains how double-digging works a bit better than I can.

Meditation Fail

So remember that post a couple ago where I said I was attempting to being a meditation practice every day?  Well not so much.  I can seem to do it every couple of days, but every day seems to elude me.  I can say that there are lots of little technical things that have kept me from it.  I was sitting on a yoga block which hurt my bum and it took me a bit to go buy the meditation cushion.  My legs keep falling asleep and I am having a hard time finding a good way to sit so this doesn’t happen and I am comfortable.  But the honest truth is that it is just hard to fit into my schedule.  I know, I know, it should be a priority and as a priority it should get done.  Problem is, there are a lot of other things in my life that are important to me and I really value and I want to do them too.  Things like watering the seedling and the plants each day, making healthy food for myself (way more time consuming than you would think!) and just generally dealing with and doing the things in life that need to be done.  They are important too.

Can you tell that I just finished meditating and my mind was going all over the place?  I am told that the best way to do it is to set up a time when you meditate each day.  This sounds like a good idea, you have a routine, something gets done.  My problem is that if I want something to get done each day, it really needs to get done first thing in the morning. Currently I am either doing yoga, running or biking to work first thing in the morning.  This doesn’t leave me with an extra half an hour to spare really anywhere.  It does work when it is a day like today.  I got up and went to mysore and then came home and I don’t have to work so I can sit down and meditate.  This might even work on days when I close so I don’t have to be to work until later in the day.  I have a romantic notion that it would be nice to do before I go to bed, but there is generally a puppy walk to go on or I am just too tired to do much of anything.  The problem is, my schedule is so all over the place that it is hard to have one set time a day to meditate and so therefore it is far too easy for it to get lost in the day.  I would like to say sometimes is better than nothing, which I suppose it is.  However, I keep reading in my homework that the benefits of meditation aren’t really present until you reach doing it everyday.  At this point, I think I need to take a deep breath, let it out slowly and go curl up on the couch with my coffee and just try to realize that maybe I am overdoing it.  🙂