Showering: the world’s most difficult task

So I am pregnant, 29 weeks, which is the major reason for my non-blogging as of late.  Pregnancy is way harder than I would have imagined.  I thought that I would just basically go about my normal life for the first part, feel a bit big and bulky at the end and then once I had the baby, that was when the real hard work would start.  Boy was I ever wrong.  I spent the first half very nauseous and exhausted.  I was always a healthy eater with a significant sweet tooth.  Now the foods I could keep down mainly consisted of burgers, fries and animal crackers.  The very sight of a salad made me want to hurl.  I made Alex sit far away from me when he ate any kinda of vegetables because I could smell them and it wasn’t pretty.  I couldn’t walk through the garage where the onions and garlic from our garden were curing.  The worst part of all these food issues was that while this was happening our garden was at the height of production.  We had worked so hard all year to make lots of tasty vegetables and now Alex ate as much as he could and the rest was given away to a wonderful neighbor across the street.

I have also been a high energy person, but now I couldn’t make it through a yoga class or a run anymore and the bike ride to said yoga class or run was completely out of the question.  In fact, until week 16 or 17, I didn’t exercise much at all.  In fact, I spent most of my time on the couch napping or reading and my daily accomplishments were limited to a load of laundry.  By week 21 or 22, I was finally feeling a bit better and was able to go back to my normal (well modified for my growing belly) yoga practice and was able to start working up to a decent run again.  The silver lining to all of this is since I basically had to start over again in the amount of both yoga and running that I did, Alex started running with me and now is much faster than I am!  He also started learning the primary series for his own mysore practice which makes me deliriously happy.  It so wonderful to be able to go for a “pack” run (Alex, Sophie and me) and to have my partner share my yoga practice with me.

However, all this exercise requires a lot of showering, as in I am supposed to probably do it after each time that I get all sweaty.  Before I was pregnant, I loved my morning shower after yoga or running.  It felt so nice to feel the warm water washing all the sticky sweat away.  It felt lovely to put on lotion and clean clothes and even a bit of make-up.  In the winter, the blow dryer felt so nice and warm as I dried my hair.  I felt ready to attack my day afterwards.  Now, showering seems like this insurmountable task.  I am exhausted after it and tend to avoid it. So each day there is a battle in my head between the voice of the showering and overwhelmed part of me that says showering is waaaay too much effort.  It generally goes something like this….

Voice of showering: “Ok, Eva, time to get up and go shower.”

Other voice: “But I don’t wanna…..(yes, this voice is capable of whining like a 5 year old and does it frequently)”

Voice of showering: “well you are kinda sweaty and stinky and could use one.”

Other voice: “but, I don’t really have to…can I not blow dry my hair?”

Voice of showering: “Only if you promise not to go outside before it dries.  It is cold out there and you could get sick!”

Other voice: “Ok, fine. Here we go….”

Then the showering commences.  I am better about it these days, I can usually convince myself to shower most days.  However, that first trimester, there were a lot of days where the voice of showering just completely lost.  Here’s to hoping that at some point I enjoy showering again, at least for the benefit of everyone around me!

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