Caramel Apples

I feel the need to follow up my last post with something bit lighter and the partial cause of all this soul searching: caramel apples.  In my family, the holidays revolve around food.  Each holiday has it’s particular dish or dishes.  For Halloween, it is caramel apples coated with nuts.  I have lovely memories of these perfect apples that my mother used to make and my sisters and I would attempt eat all the while getting caramel all over our faces and hands.  It was a delightfully sticky mess.

This year, the mom’s group that I am a part of, Las Madres, had a Halloween party this last weekend.  This was an unabashed excuse to dress our little guys up in their Halloween costumes, take pictures and then eat yummy treats.  So I volunteered to make the caramel apples.  I had a devil of a time with them.  I looked up recipes online just to get a general jist of a recipe.  It seemed that most recipes added milk or water to the caramel and maybe some vanilla.  So I unwrapped all the caramel and then added a splash of milk and a splash of vanilla.  I melted the caramel in my spiffy copper sugar pot that we brought back from Paris last spring.  Then I chopped up a mixture of walnuts and pecans for the toppings.  I washed and dried the apples.  Then I stuck forks into the apples and dipped them in caramel and then dipped them in the nuts.  Problem was that the caramel refused to stay put on the apples.  It pooled at the bottom.  I just couldn’t get it to stay put.  I had Alex twirl them for me, I blew on it to cool the caramel, and Alex even stuck them in the freezer all to no avail.  It was quite sad.  So if anyone has some ideas, I would love them.  I guess I could also do the obvious and call my Mother and ask for her secret.  After all, I am a mom now, I get some of those secrets too, right?

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