Chard Enchiladas

I don’t like chard.  In fact, I have a hard time with any of the dark leafy green veggies with the exception of spinach.  I know what to do with spinach.  I can cook it nicely or toss it in a salad very easily.  However, growing up in Texas chard, kale and all the rest just weren’t a staple at the Winn Dixie.  But each fall it lures me in, it is all nicely laid out at the farmer’s market.  It just looks so healthy and almost promises me that I can do something with it.  Each time though, I buy it and am not sure what to do with it.  Recently I started cooking it up and just blending it into baby food for Walter.  He seems to love it, especially blended with some spinach, milk and parm, but that is another blog post.  The purpose of this one is discuss the unlikely combination of chard in enchiladas and that they were super tasty.

I have a friend from my mom’s group, Lauren, who writes a wonderful blog called Gourmet Veggie Mama.  I am continually impressed with both her ability to find new recipes, cook them, and then blog about them on a regular basis.  I tend to consider my day a success if I can just make the dinner.  So today I am overachieving which leads me back to the chard and the enchiladas.  She made them and I was skeptical, but hopeful.  You see as discussed above, I don’t like chard, but I do like enchiladas.  However, my definition of enchiladas usually involves meat and a lot of cheese with rice and beans.  Her recipe and post are here.

Last weekend, I bought some wonderful looking rainbow chard and assembled the rest of the ingredients.  I even got ambitious and picked a couple more of Lauren’s recipes to try out too, we will see how the week goes.  Tonight, I followed her instructions and they turned out wonderfully.  I even fried up with tortillas which I had never done before.  It was much easier than I thought it would be.  Although in the future, I might just stick them in the microwave to soften them up a bit in the interest of losing more baby weight.  Try them out and give her blog a read.  Walter is cranky and needs to nurse so I guess my blogging time is up!

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