A Minor Rant

This is off topic, I know, but I am a wee bit pissed.  I promise to go back to our regularly schedule some erratic blogging shortly.  I have worn Lucky jeans since I first decided that I was grown up and needed a pair of expensive jeans that actually fit well which I believe was around 2006.  They were fantastic.  They fit my ample bottom and hips and I felt stylish in them, but they could still be paired with a t-shirt and flip flops.  In September, I decided that 6 months post Walter it was time to buy a pair of jeans that didn’t involve the word maternity.  So back to Lucky I went,  I found a decent pair of basic jeans and felt like a real person again.  About two weeks ago, I realized the crotch and the inner thigh of them were almost worn bare.  Let me elucidate that I had worn these pants for about 3 and a half months at this point. So I took them back to the store, explained the situation to the sales guy, expected them to say, “Oh no, that is awful, we sell a quality product, let me replace those for you.”  Instead, I was informed that since I didn’t have my receipt they couldn’t do anything to help me.  Evidently other stores, besides Lucky sell them and they couldn’t be sure I had bought them there and therefore evidently they weren’t responsible for them.  Awesome.  I felt like informing the guy that I would no longer be buying their jeans and yelling about how awful that particular piece of corporate policy was.  However, I have done retail before and know it isn’t in his hands, so I didn’t.  Thanks for letting me unload.

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