Sharath and Saraswati: Day One

As I write this, I am exhausted.  We have had quite a day that ended with watching the sun set at Moonlight Beach.  Yesterday we made the long drive down to Encinitas as Walter’s first extended car trip.  He did remarkably well and we didn’t even hit too much traffic in LA so all was good!  We got here and quickly started to crash so we put us all to bed.  Then the fun started….it turned out that Walter wasn’t all that happy with the hotel provided crib so he woke up practically every hour last night crying.  Luckily he also put himself back to sleep in a short amount of time.  Fingers crossed for a nice night tonight!

We woke up in a bit of a panic, nothing went quite the way we had planned and it seemed that we were moving much slower than the clock.  The nanny was late and we finally got out the door and to the studio about 5 minutes before we were supposed to start.  Wherein, we discovered that Alex had no headband (to catch sweat) nor a mat towel.  No good.  It meant that one of us was going to be slipping and sliding around on our mats shortly.  However, we had grabbed two hand towels from the hotel so I gave my mat towel to Alex and used the hotel towel to stem the sweat.

The studio is quite lovely.  They did a very nice job of putting it together.  There are nice high ceiling and lots of photos around of Guruji, Sharath and Saraswati.  It was packed.  It was almost mat to mat.  I was a bit afraid that we weren’t going to be able to find a place.  However, we did and we put our mats down.  Wherein we also discovered that in such a tight configuration, our extra long mats kinda don’t fit so we overlapped them and every time I went down in chateronga, I was practically kissing Alex’s heels.  It amused me.  Once I actually did kiss his heel just for fun.  Then Sharath and Saraswati came out and we began.  I got a couple of adjustments, Saraswati seemed to like to come around and just push me down in poses where my tight hamstrings were impeding my pose.  Boy did we sweat, by the time I hit floor poses, I was sliding all over my mat.  I normally can’t do jump throughs, but my mat was so wet that my feet were just sliding right through!  It was interesting, I felt like I was working hard, but didn’t realize exactly how hard that was until we were in wheel and my arms just gave out (I am just starting wheel so I am pretty weak in it yet).  Sharath did have us hold chateronga once for a bit, but I was expecting more of that.  Oh boy did we hold headstand forever!  I don’t do headstand and it felt like forever to me so I can only imagine what it felt like to actually be doing it.  Needless to say, it was a sweet Shavasana.

Notes for tomorrow: get there earlier to stake out a spot and bring both mat towels and our hand towels!!

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