Sharath and Saraswati: Day two

This morning went off much more smoothly.  We ate a bit of protein bar and drank some water so we didn’t feel like our bodies were consuming themselves by the end of practice.  The nanny was still a bit late – evidently traffic around here is just really awful, even at 6 a.m.  Regardless we got there a wee bit earlier than yesterday and I managed to snag an extra large spot and convince the people next to it move over a bit so Alex and I could practice next to each other (this time our mats were literally touching).  There seemed to be even more people today than yesterday.  We had mat towels today too so we didn’t slip around nearly as much, although our towels could practically be rung out by the end (at one point Alex took off his headband and literally squeezed out his sweat onto the mat).  Once, toward the end, I looked up and there was mist swirling around in the room it was so humid.  Oh the fun of being so close to everyone sweating profusely – something only an Ashatangi would find amusing!

My practice felt stronger today.  I didn’t feel quite as weak.  I got an adjustment from Saraswati in padangusthasana where she just comes and pushes me down.  Then in headstand, I was merrily playing with it just a bit doing a bit of prepping for it, with no intention of actually going up, when Saraswati came around and said to me “you go up.”  Oh dear, there must have been a look of sheer terror on my face as I kicked up.  I don’t practice headstand and am rather petrified of it as I have had a couple of bad instances where I tweaked my neck trying to go up.  However, up I went and she caught my legs and held them up for Sharath’s last three counts of headstand.  I felt slightly off balance and was worried about her being able to hold me up (she is a small woman and I am not in any way small!), but I somehow found my abs again and held myself up until she said to me to come down.  Then she was on to get Alex to go up again.

Afterwards, Alex and I went to get coffee at the the lofty bean, which was near our hotel.  They actually did their own chai which Alex and I had (there was no chai after practice, which I consider a major failing of the studio!). It was decent, but I like my chai a bit meatier.  This afternoon, I am headed to San Diego to see my sister and then tonight Alex and I have a date planned.

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