Sharath and Saraswati: Day Three

In my experience Day 3 of any ridiculous putting my body through the wringer is always the turning point.  Something kicks in and I get just a bit used to it and am able to push myself just a bit further when the day before I was struggling just to get through it.  Today started out well.  We had the routine down.  The nanny showed up very close to 6 a.m. so we were able to arrive at the studio in plenty of time to get a spot that wasn’t shoved into a wall nor on top of the person beside you.  It was also quite nice that the room was slightly less packed than it had been the preceding two days.  Sharath helped me bind in marichyasana b which I have only done a handful of times before.  I finally figured out how to get into padmasana from  sarvangasana.  I felt calm and peaceful at the end.  It was just really nice.  Mentally, I wanted to do this and feel somewhat comfortable with it before I made the final decision to go to India next year.  Now, I am really looking forward to it.  It will be a trip to learn lots more about the practice I love.  I think we will try to go in March of next year to hopefully get back before Walter turns 2 and requires his own plane ticket!

After practice, we packed up the hotel room and got on the road back home.  We made a stop for a tasty lunch of homemade dosas at Ami and Manu’s and to see Maya and Shaan!  They have both gotten so big and Walter and Shaan looked so cute eating side by side. It was so nice to see them.  Then we got to brave LA traffic.  Ohmygoodness, it just goes on forever!  We left Irvine at 2 p.m. and there was still traffic!  It is crazy.  I don’t know how people manage to deal with that on a day to day basis.

Car trips with Walter take a bit longer than normal as we learned.  We really need to stop every couple of hours to let him get out and run around and just generally stretch his legs.  Then there was the question of dinner.  Alex really loves Wendy’s and we rarely eat there, but we thought we might stop on the way home because the cooler was out of sandwich and salad makings.  However, we couldn’t find a Wendy’s for miles so Alex got on Yelp and starting looking for something else.  We ended up at a place called the Wool Growers Restaurant in Los Banos.  It got great reviews on Yelp and Walter needed a break from the car so off we went.  Where exactly do I begin to describe it?  It was quite a place, it was located in what looked to be an old Kiwanis hall.  The clientele was definitely the farming community, I felt like I was right back in rural Texas.  There was a table of 20 men discussing politics with a bit of a conservative bent to our right to complete the scene.  The place claimed to be “basque” which in my mind is the northern province of Spain that wants nothing to do with Spain, but there seemed to be a lot French posters on the wall too so I am not sure exactly what they were aiming for.  We sat down and the waitress brought us bread and butter with red wine which was quickly followed by a large metal mixing bowl full of chicken soup and bowl of pinto beans.  We were hungry so we started in on it.  Then the waitress came to take our order.  There were only a couple of main dishes on the menu.  Alex ordered the roasted lamb (afterall this is the Wool Growers!) and I ordered the pork chops.  Then the waitress brought out another large bowl of salad which consisted of iceberg lettuce dowsed in salad dressing.  At this point Alex and weren’t quite sure when the food was going to end and it didn’t.  Next came a bowl of lamb stew (which Yelp spoke highly of and it was tasty).  I assumed that the stew was Alex’s main dish, but I was wrong.  Next came out a big plate of sliced lamb and two large pork chops for me.  At this point, we were totally overwhelmed.  For the past couple of days we had been eating very healthy at a lovely place in Encinitas called the Lotus Cafe.  Our digestive systems just weren’t up for the challenge.  I tried to get through one pork chop and Alex ate a bit of the lamb before we bagged it up in plastic bags to bring home for Sophie.  The waitress tried to give us ice cream (the table next to us had seconds) or cheese for dessert, but we were just too stuffed!  Oh boy, it was quite an experience.  My intestines are still protesting!

2 thoughts on “Sharath and Saraswati: Day Three

  1. hi Eva, hi Alex,
    That’s so funny! I was googling ” sharath – Encinitas – 2012″ and I found your blog. Reading it, I found out that you’re practicing ashtanga at YIY. So am I.
    I’m looking forward to talk about it with you when you come back.
    It looks like we have similar life paths.
    Enjoy the end of your trip.

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