Texas and Yoga

We went to Texas right after we got back from Encinitas.  It was quite a culture change!  I grew up in Texas, but Texas and I have never gotten along.  We have fundamentally different outlooks on life.  However, there are many people in Texas that I love very much so I tend to end up back there at least once a year.  This trip had been a long time coming.  I hadn’t been back since I was first pregnant with Walter and was such a mess that I just needed my mom to take care of me for a couple of days.  Walter hadn’t been to Texas at all so he needed to go and see a bit of where his mom came from (yes I realize he is way too young to comprehend any of this, but emotionally it still feels important!).  My parents have 10 acres about an hour west of Austin in Blanco.  I quite enjoy going there.  It is quiet and there are so many open spaces left that somehow just seems peaceful.  Texas is not big and bold and beautiful, but it has a delicate beauty to it, especially in the spring when the plants are blooming.

Walter loved the land.  He is generally happiest being outside and every morning and night my dad would take him on a walk (with CoCo, their dog) around the land: walking the line and checking the fences as he always says.  He set up the most fun little spots for a little boy to play in.  At the pond he set him on the steps and let him play in the water, there was a little sand pit at another stop, lots of little twigs for him to play with at yet another and the list goes on.  Walter was having a bit of hard time adjusting to the traveling, but he always got a huge smile on his face when Grandpa came to take him for his walk.

In the evenings while Walter was off with my dad, I tried to do some of my practice. I admit it didn’t always happen, but I did manage to practice a handful of times.  It was such a different practice from normal and from Encinitas.  We had just sweated and worked so hard in Encinitas.  In Texas my parents have a wrap around porch and there was a lovely spot on the side where I could roll out my mat and have this wonderful view:

I always practice in the morning at home.  It is cold in Sunnyvale when I wake up and cold when I start my practice and I have to generate the heat to get me going.  In Texas I practiced as the sun was going down.  The heat of the day was just starting to dissipate and the air had calming sense to it of a day winding down.  I didn’t feel any urge to go quickly through my practice, but instead to stop and savor the poses and enjoy the view and try to just be a bit.  My yoga world has been in such turmoil lately that it is really nice to remember the stillness and peace of those practices.  I even felt a bit of age old fued between myself and Texas begin to fade just a bit.  We both had our space and it was ok.

2 thoughts on “Texas and Yoga

  1. Love this! It definitely is a different world here, but I’m glad you and Texas are getting a little friendlier. 😉 As for me and Texas, well, we just have to agree to disagree on some things!

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