My poor garden

I used to be one of those crazy hardcore gardeners.  We had a greenhouse, started out all our plants from seeds, generally grew about 15-20 different fruits and veggies and had about 250 square feet under garden space.  We did it all and it was so tasty during the summer when everything would come in.  Every year we had our first bean harvest day when there was enough green beans to cook.  I would blanch them, and then toss them with sea salt and shallots sauteed in butter.  It was heaven.  Yes, there was the zucchini that was so proficient that it continued to grow bat sized squash after we ripped it up and put it into the compost (we referred to it as zombie squash), but there was also my peach tree where I would just sit and eat peaches to my heart’s content when they came in.  I always thought I would cut them up and freeze them for smoothies, but they all seemed to disappear before that could happen.  Alex and I worked on that garden for a good 2 ½ years and then something happened.  I got pregnant and my energy went straight in the toilet.  I had no idea it would happen so quickly, but it did.  Then add to that my complete revulsion with all things veggie.  I made Alex sit far away from me every time he ate a salad and the garlic and onions hanging in the garage made me want to puke.  The saddest thing was that it was August and everything was going strong and we were getting so many veggies in.

Once Walter came, the garden limped along.  We had some fantastic visitors right after he was born that helped with our spring planting.  We got some veggies and fruit in.  Then there came the craziness of buying a house and it just so happened that it happened in August, again when there the harvest was at its peak!  The new house is much more nicely landscaped than the old house and I have been working to try and put in things here and there, but I just have a really hard time trying to find the time to get out there and do things.  This year we have bought only seedlings and no seeds and still there are veggies sitting on the table outside which have been waiting for over a week to get planted.  I know, I know, it is just part of running after a little guy.  He loves to be out in the yard with me, but it takes much longer to do things with him too.  I feel like as time goes on, I have to admit that more and more of my previous life (before Walter) is not going to come back and I just need to let it go.  I wouldn’t change anything and am happy to have my little guy, but a part of me still misses my old garden.

One thought on “My poor garden

  1. Oh, I DO understand. It’s really hard (maybe impossible?) to anticipate the ways in which your life will change when you have a kiddo. I make time for my garden, but it’s not as big or as well-tended as it could be. I’d rather that, though, than have a perfect, flourishing, gigantic backyard garden… and a toddler who is not as well-tended as she could be. Trade-offs. 😉

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