Iced Coffee: A Mom’s Summer Favorite

Caffeine keeps me going.  I realize that in an ideal world I should not need chai in the morning and iced coffee in the afternoon, but I have a toddler and I do.  The afternoon iced coffee is a recent addition for the summer.  My friend Donna, suggested it to me and I have run with it.  It is a perfect cool and refreshing pick me up and carry me through the process of making dinner to the finish line of Alex coming home from work at 7 p.m. (some days I literally am counting down to that point).  It is a simple thing and has made me ridiculously happy lately so I thought I would share.

Iced Coffee

Leftover morning coffee

simple syrup*

crushed ice

half and half

In the mornings, I will make a bit of extra coffee (or make coffee if I have had chai).  I let the coffee cool off and then stick it in the fridge.  Then at afternoon snack time (Walter gets muesli bars and Mommy get caffeine!) I fill my insulted reusable mug with crushed iced, pour the coffee over the ice add in half and half (or I might have added some leftover whipped cream to this) and some simple syrup and you are ready to go.  Toddler can’t get into it, although he is good with the straw so I have to be a bit careful.  This reusable mug glass with top and straw has kinda rocked my world lately.  I just got it and I have visions of margaritas in it to take to the pool this summer too!

*To make simple syrup, combine one cup of sugar with one cup of water.  Bring the two to a boil in a saucepan over medium high heat.  Continue to stir it to make sure the sugar dissolves.  Then let it cool and use for iced coffee and cocktails too!  I really like the vanilla syrup at Starbucks and have a notion of trying some vanilla in my next batch of simple syrup, but that is for another blog post.

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