The Ordinary Practice

I have found lately that my practice has become ordinary and I am not quite sure if it is good or bad.  I suspect, as most things in life, there is a bit of both in it.  My alarm goes off each morning* at 5:30 a.m. I roll out of bed, throw on my clothes, jump on Alex’s bike and off I go to practice.  I admit that I don’t generally really wake up until somewhere in the standing poses and definitely by the time I hit seated poses.  I have pretty much always worked out early in the morning and the only way I continue to do it is to minimize decision making in the morning.  I can’t think about it too much or my bed with my snuggly husband still in it will call me back and I will drift back to sleep.

As a result, I find myself not entirely paying attention to my practice.  My brain is half way there, but I am tired and a bit groggy so I go through the motions, but I am lacking real focus on it.  I like this because my brain rarely stops going.  I am always thinking and planning the next thing that needs doing or figuring out how the rest of the day needs to play out for maximum efficiency or at least to get the things done that absolutely must be done.  I also do feel that as part of a practice you do every day, there probably will be a sense of ordinariness just because you do it everyday.  Just like you get dressed and brush your teeth and do the laundry.  However, I worry that I should be paying more attention to my poses and really working myself to the point of making them hard.  In some poses, they are hard to begin with so even my groggy brain can’t stop them from being hard, but others I sometimes tend to just hang out in them.  That being said, I am seeing my practice move slowly forward which is quite rewarding.

However, I am about to embark of a summer of new teachers that will undoubtedly shake up my practice one way or the other!  For the next 9 days Chuck Miller is at YIY and Alex and I will be workshoping and practicing with him.  I have heard wonderful things about him and I have splurged to have our nanny, Sandy, take care of Walter during the week so that I can do the teacher intensive too so it should be a very good week!  Then we have Kirsten and Mitchell until sometime mid-August when there are rumors that Beata will be back until Anne gets back from India.  All quite exciting and it will ensure that my practice gets a bit shaken up.

*I should clarify that “each morning” is really only everyday but Saturday, but it still feels like every morning so I am going to describe it as such. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Practice

  1. Ordinary is both good and bad. This morning Chuck was talking about getting to the essence/core of each posture, developing a beginner’s mind. That certainly focuses one on the posture in a very non-ordinary way.

  2. I definitely understand about needing to shut your brain off once in a while. I love that about running. Of course, presence is important, but I do think that’s a different thing… and something you can drift in and out of.

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