Gardening – At Last!

I finally got a chance to get out into my yard and garden.  It was a perfect Northern California day.  It was sunny, but cool and I had our nanny, Sandy, for the next 4 hours to watch after Walter while I devoted undivided attention to my plants.  Such luxury!  I began with mundane tasks.  Out came the weed-eater and I took care of all the edging and those darn weeds that grow up between the paver stones on our front walk way and near the sidewalk.  Then I yanked out some trees that were cleverly volunteering amongst my jasmine.  They were clever because they looked very similar to the jasmine, however, the jasmine is in full bloom and they weren’t producing any fragrant and delicate white flowers.  So out they came!  Digging them out led me to discover a new place that snails like to hide: the jasmine so out they came and the smashing commenced.

Then onward to the backyard, I did some puttering tasks of cleaning it up.  We are in the process of getting some new patio furniture so I wanted to make sure all the leaves and dirt (which a certain little guy seems to like to transport from my pots to the patio) were swept off and patio cleaned up (well actually just corral the toddler toys into one corner instead of being strewn about the yard).  I planted some flower seedlings that I started a bit ago from seeds from our friends’ Kristi and Jon’s wedding last summer.  I love it when I can plant seeds and they actually come up!  Then onward to huge never-ending task at hand: weeding.  Weeds grow so incredibly fast and since I am doing organic gardening, I don’t want to use any pesticides to kill them so it is me out there whenever I get a chance with my little pointy thing (what is that called?) to get down on my knees and attack the weeds with a vengeance.  In a perfect world, it is good to keep them out of your garden so that they  don’t take water and soil nutrients from your veggies and the plants you want to grow.  This is best done by using a drip irrigation system so there is water to each plant and the weeds just don’t get water.  However, the garden gets whatever time I have left over so we have an irrigation system and are slowly converting it over to completely drip, but we just aren’t there yet.  So hence the weeds….  The good news is that Walter loves being outside so when Sandy went home, he came out and played in the yard (tried to stab my plants to death, is there a way to teach a toddler that is a weed and this is plant?) and generally ran around while I did some more weeding.

Then there was the compost.  We are super lucky and get free compost in Sunnyvale.  The downside is that it is a bit mulchy. However to turn the downside into an upside, a gardener friend of mine suggested we use it to mulch the plants.  So today off we all went to the SMART station to get our car full of compost.  Alex puts a tarp back down in the back of our Jetta Wagon to protect the carpet and full it up full.  Then I brought it home and the fun began. Walter thought the compost was the best ever.  He decided that everything needed mulching, including Sophie.

She was a good sport about it and in the end the plants look so cute and tucked into their mulchy compost.

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