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I can touch my freakin toes!!!

This morning a moment of epic proportions happened to me in my yoga practice.  I had just finished doing back bends which are hard, I struggle with and generally leave me exhausted and dripping in sweat.  Then, to counter the back bend, I start to fold forward into a seated forward bend.  Let me be perfectly clear here, I am the most unflexible yogi ever.  I do not fold forward in a forward bend. My arms go forward while my torso kinda starts to the lean in the direction of forward without any commitment to actually going forward.

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Apricot Jamminess

Last year, when we were thinking about buying our house, Alex and snuck into the backyard to see it on the way home from a run. As we passed through the sideyard where the trash was, I looked up and noticed a tree full of apricots.  I was able to jump up and grab one to eat.  It was quite tasty.  I thought to myself, “if we buy this house, I am making jam out of those apricots next year.

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Chuck Miller’s bits of wisdom

Ohmygoodness, it was an intense week.  It was so much information that I have been putting off writing this blog post because I still feel like I am trying to process it all.  He has changed my practice in a good way.  I am really working on the roots of the poses and trying to remember the alignment as I come into each pose.  There is just so much to remember, but I find as I use it more there really is a simplicity to it and one thing leads to the next and this adjustment is just like another pose and so on til it all links together.  I thought the best way to sum up the week of practice, teacher intensive and workshops would be to take Chuck’s favorite phrases (that he drilled into us over and over) and talk about what they mean to me.

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