The Basic Salad

We eat a lot of salad during the summer.  In reverse, I really can’t bring myself to eat salad in the winter, it is just too cold. During the summer, I find salad and some meat tossed on the grill to be the perfect easy meal on a hot day.  The key being – the stove stays completely off which is so important in a house without air conditioning!

I have found over the years, that I have a basic formula for salads.  It can be varied to fit whatever happens to be in the fridge (or garden).  Alex calls them my “crazy Eva salads.” So here it goes…

Crazy Eva Salad

lettuce – any kind will work and this year I have a watercress plant in the garden so I am really liking tossing in
veggies – use whatever you have on hand: carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
crumbly cheese – I like either blue cheese or goat cheese depending on whether I feel like stinky cheese or not
crunchy and salty –  a favorite of mine is salted sunflower seeds for this category, but you can also use roasted nuts or just anything else that gives the salad a nice crunch and a bit of salt
Sweet– this balances out the salty and gives a nice sweet note to the salad.  I used dried cranberries in this salad, but any dried or fresh fruit will do.

Enjoy those summer salads before we head into a a fall of squash and greens!


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