I can touch my freakin toes!!!

This morning a moment of epic proportions happened to me in my yoga practice.  I had just finished doing back bends which are hard, I struggle with and generally leave me exhausted and dripping in sweat.  Then, to counter the back bend, I start to fold forward into a seated forward bend.  Let me be perfectly clear here, I am the most unflexible yogi ever.  I do not fold forward in a forward bend. My arms go forward while my torso kinda starts to the lean in the direction of forward without any commitment to actually going forward.

So all of the sudden, my brain kicks in and says “wait, hold on here, are we actually going forward?”

To which my body responds, “yes, silly we are, shut up and just go with it.”  So I start folding over my legs reaching for my calves, my ankles and then all of the sudden, my toes.  Ta da!  I feel like jumping up and running around the room screaming, “People, I just touched my toes!!!”  However, this is mysore and one does not exhibit such emotion, nor does one make that much noise.  Instead, I, very stoically, just held my feet and breathed.  I enjoyed every breath of those 10 breaths and it was fantastic.  That is all.

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