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Fun in Bozeman

We are currently trying our hand at road tripping with a toddler.  It has been a bit of a rough haul, but there have been many good things along the way too.  Our first stop is Bozeman, MT to visit Alex’s parents.  They have a house there and love to spend the summers here.  We have taken advantage of it to visit them 3 of the last 4 summers and we really enjoy Bozeman.  It is such a cute town and has many of the things that I feel make up a great town:

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I love general recipes that basically become dumping grounds for whatever happens to be in my fridge.  I feel so virtuous when I am able to use things up and have the fridge basically cleaned out each week before I go grocery shopping.  Pizza is one of those such recipes.  I can use a bit of this veggie, a bit of this leftover meat, use up and end of cheese here and another one here until I have a tasty concoction that is quite popular with Alex and Walter.

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