Fun in Bozeman

We are currently trying our hand at road tripping with a toddler.  It has been a bit of a rough haul, but there have been many good things along the way too.  Our first stop is Bozeman, MT to visit Alex’s parents.  They have a house there and love to spend the summers here.  We have taken advantage of it to visit them 3 of the last 4 summers and we really enjoy Bozeman.  It is such a cute town and has many of the things that I feel make up a great town:

1) A lovely place to stay!  Alex’s mother, Carolyn, has been hard at work this summer transforming an empty house into a comfortable, cozy place filled with lots of toys for Walter.

2) Down to Earth Yoga Studio.  All good vacation places must have an ashtanga studio so that Alex and I can take advantage of grandparents day care.  At home we do the mysore two step (I start super early and once I finish Alex comes with Walter and we swap) so practicing together is a special treat.  This studio is a room at the Emerson Cultural Center and the adjustments are just wonderful.

3) Rockford Coffee. I love to travel by finding all the cute coffee shops along the way.  Rockford is fantastic.  One word: Breve.  This is a latte made with half and half.  It is everything that makes me happy.  Add one of their lovely scones to that and life is just wonderful.  Alex and I stopped each morning after yoga and I looked forward to it all through my practice.

4) Museum of the Rockies. This was quite a find by Carolyn.  Walter had such a good time that we went back two days in a row.  There was a fantastic Yellowstone Park exhibit that was specifically directed at little guys.  There was even a little cabin with an old timey stove that Walter loved.   He spent a good half an hour yesterday playing with the oven and running around pushing buttons.  There was also a dinosaur exhibit that both Alex and Walter thought was pretty fantastic.  Did you know that Montana was a hot bed of dinosaur bones?

5) Cute shopping.  There is an adorable main street with lots of cute shops for me to browse.  I admit it, I really do enjoy shopping and looking for little things that we would really enjoy.  I found a super cute hand made floppy hat for Walter last year, which he promptly outgrew so I am determined to find another one this year.  The one catch is that this year Walter is not so excited to hang out in the ergo while I browse so so we will see how that works.

6) Hiking.  It is breath-takingly beautiful around here.  The Gallatin Valley is surround by the Rockies and they are just amazing.  We haven’t made it hiking this year because of a cranky toddler who is having some trouble sleeping, but we have gone in the past and it makes me happy.


One thought on “Fun in Bozeman

  1. Love it! I am jealous of your trip (well… not the road-tripping-with-a-toddler aspect). I’ve never been to MT, but it’s definitely on my list. Glad you are having a good time, and I just have to say… I cannot believe how big Walter is getting!

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