The pursuit of good energy

As we came down the hill, a stream of runners came into sight.  They were pouring past us.  I felt this wave of excitement and good energy hit me.  It reminded me how much fun races can be and how nice the energy is.

Alex, Walter (in jogging stroller) and I were there to hopefully find my sister Peggy in the crowd of runners (well she could probably spot us more easily) and then run the last 6 miles of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with her.  We were there to “mule” for her.  Keep her distracted, give her energy blocks, help keep her on pace and in generally good spirits.  It had been a long time since I had run a race and lately I hadn’t been doing much running at all.  My running is currently limited to full and new moon days (when I don’t do my yoga practice) and lately those full and new moons had been falling on Saturday (our one day off!) and Sunday (our studio doesn’t observe moon days on Sundays because many people only get to practice on Sundays) so I had been only doing yoga lately and not running.

I felt good though as we found Peggy and started in on the series of hills in front of us.  Alex ran with Peggy for a bit and I pushed the stroller and then he fell back and I ran with her for a bit while he pushed the stroller.  It was a lovely morning.  I got to briefly catch up with Peggy and felt pretty strong in my running.  That worked for about 2 miles of hills and then I started to get tired.  Luckily, her fiance, Neon, showed up and he is a much faster runner than either Alex or me so he was able to keep up and help her finish earlier than the time she was looking for.

I have given up on my running in the last 6 months in favor of doing more yoga.  I am mostly happy with this decision.  However, this race and the surrounding good energy made me remember why I ran for many years and why I still get up on moon days and get in a run.  It is good stuff too.  The race also made me realize how much I seek out this “good energy” feeling in life.  I can feel the energy of life all around me.  Sometimes it is wonderful and I feel like I am floating and that my heart is going to burst with happiness.  Other times a person or a place just gives me the creeps or I can feel a flow of nastiness coming at me (although I have learned that it may not be directed at me, I just happen to be in its path).  Most times, the energy is neutral.  People aren’t particularly happy or sad, but just going about their daily lives and trying to make it through the day in whatever way they can.  The race and our yoga workshop recently made me remember how precious those good energy moments are.  I will try not to grasp at them and keep them, but instead live in that moment and enjoy them and remember that they do exist and will come round again.

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