Practice on the Road

This has nothing to do with yoga. I just love roses and my mother put this lovely one in my bathroom while we were visiting.

Trying to get my practice in while while traveling is hard.  I have always struggled with trying to achieve some sort of balance between putting effort into get my practice in and letting go of the attachment to practice every day when it just isn’t feasible.  I take the idea that I am supposed (me and “supposed to” are old enemies so it with some trepidation that I use this word, but I think this is an instance where it actually works) to practice 6 days a week pretty seriously and find that if I can practice while traveling it keeps me grounded and makes the trip more enjoyable.  Alex gets quite cranky with me, but I always haul my yoga mat with me.  Yes, it is big and bulky (manduka mats are fantastic, but weigh something ridiculous!) but if I have my mat with me, then I am much more likely to find a place, roll it out and get my butt going.

Walter and I just got back from a trip to Texas to visit my parents.  This time somehow miraculously I was able to practice almost every day.  My parents live on 10 acres out west of Austin and it turns out that is little boy heaven.  Walter LOVES water and playing with it at the moment and my parents had a seep, a waterfall, a creek and assorted buckets filled with water just laying around in their garden waiting for a toddler to come around and dump them out.  It turns out that toddlers and puppies are best when tired.  After running around all morning he was pooped, he once even asked my mother to get into his pack and play, which led to nice long 2-3 hour naps which led to me having a chance to practice every single day I was there.  It was brillant.  It also turns out that practicing in the middle of the day means your body is sooo much more limber than it is at 6 a.m.  I have struggled with backbends and it just seemed like my chest and back magically opened up and I really could feel what a good backbend feels like.  However, this morning I was back to practicing at 6 a.m. and back to struggling with my backbends.  Oh well – hopefully it is doing something good for my practice.

My quest to practice was further helped by the loveliest place to practice.  My parents have a wonderful porch and on the side of it is a great place that gets some sun to warm up my muscles, but then whenever I start to get too hot, a breeze comes by and cools me off.  Ummm so I guess, this post was going to be about how hard it is practice on the road, but it seems it wasn’t actually hard this time.  So yeah for a wonderful trip and I will look forward to going back for our early Howe family Christmas in December!

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