Ode to Stick and Third Gear

I drive stick.  It makes me feel all badass I am woman hear me roar.  Yes, it makes me feel this way even in my jetta sportwagen which is actually just a station wagon. There is just something about being able to control the gear that you are in when you are driving.  Granted, most of the time I just coast and don’t think about it much, but sometimes when you need that extra boost of power to get me going I love to be able to shift down into third gear.  I just love third gear.  It is most definitely my favorite gear.  It is fantastic for acceleration onto the highway, city streets or just random driving around.  In the days when I was driving our BMW convertible (oh the pre-baby days of yore!), one of my favorite parts of driving was to put the car in third and drive around the clover leaf onto the freeway as fast as possible hugging that curve all the way.  Or to head down south to Route 1 and put it in third and drive fast along the curves of Route 1 while the Pacific Ocean winked in and out of sight on my right.  Then get stuck behind a slow car, wait for the straight away, downshift and pass.

Oddly enough I was never one of those people that was really into cars.  I didn’t even drive stick until after I graduated from law school.  I kinda fell into it one evening when was out with friends and I was the only one sober enough to drive us home.  My friend’s car was stick, so I got to learn to drive stick from a car ful of drunk people.  That was an interesting night.  However, after that my friend became my roommate and was kind enough to let me drive her car, cause I was carless, from time to time.  Then Alex and I started dating and he had our first BMW convertible which was also stick.  Then I had to drive a long way to the courthouse in Maryland which cause me to get even better at driving stick.  Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with driving stick and now I really enjoy it.  Alex and I had to sell the convertible when Walter was born and trade it in for the more family friendly sportwagen.  However, we keep telling ourselves that when the last kid leaves for college we are hopping on a plane to Germany to by a brand BMW convertible (they do something called “European Delivery” where you pick the car up in Germany and you get to avoid US import taxes as long as you drive it around Europe a bit.  Oh twist my arm!) and bring it home with us.  I have visions of us being back to fun driving again!

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