Looking Up

I am not sure exactly what has happened in the last couple of days (oh yeah – I have actually started sleeping a decent amount!), but I feel like things are looking up a bit.  I feel like we can mostly get through the day without any major mishaps and Alex and I don’t completely crash until about 6 p.m.!  There was even a major episode at the shala with Sharat condensing all the led classes to two and I somehow managed to still find a spot and then once the next class started coming in guard it with my life til Alex got there with Walter.  We are starting to settle into a bit of routine here and we even managed a date last night.  We went to the Green Hotel and found out that they didn’t serve dinner until 7:30 pm. (we needed to be home by 8 p.m.) so I ordered a glass of wine and Alex a beer and some munchies and we just sat out on the lawn and attempted to relax and chat.  We were both toasty on one drink!  It felt oddly normal which is funny to say because I am still not entirely sure what normal is anymore.  We have been here long enough that it will be a bit bizarre to go home to the land of comfy beds and no coconuts.

A lovely lady named Ratna has been taking care of Walter for a couple of hours every other day or so when Alex and I go to Sutra class or conference or just out for some errand running which helps take some of the edge off of 24 hour/7 day a week toddler care.  Walter still has his meltdowns and temper tantrums, but he is also having a good time seeing all the cows in the road and he and Alex went to the zoo this morning while I got my massage at 3 sisters.  His favorite animal was the marmots.

My practice is still very squeaky and I would like to just disown my knees (or probably the blame should be laid on my hips!), but I have been promised by Hirini (I think that is her name) at 3 sisters that I should be a bit more open this week so we will see what comes.  I had an expectation that my practice would suddenly and miraculously get better.  It hasn’t, but my body is definitely working harder than I do at home so something is happening! I am really enjoying chanting class.  There is just something soothing about it. Walter is even willing to just sit still and play and with his trucks and when we paused between things we are chanting, he says “yeah!” which is Walter for “please do more!”

We are even figuring out how to feed ourselves and decided that we would go vegetarian for the month (not that hard to here).  For some reason feeding ourselves is harder than it sounds.  Breakfast is usually easy: we just end up going downstairs at Anokhi.  They serve tasty things and Walter loves the eggs with cheese.  For some reason lunch is the hard one. We have been napping with Walter mid-day and then when we get up it is hot and/or too late to find lunch.  However, we discovered that Ratna will deliver food to us which has been a fantastic discovery and we seem to be skipping it more and more in favor of just eating an early dinner.  It really is so hot here that eating too much just sounds like a really bad idea.

Walter insisted on climbing this ladder and about gave me a heart attack. Even Appu (our rickshaw driver) was visibly nervous!

3 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. Glad to know that things are getting better. I guess I should’ve told you that most restaurants in India don’t start serving dinner until after 7:30 pm. Its the same in my hometown and we used to rush through dinner to get back in time for Rahi’s bedtime too. With how little you guys are eating, and going vegetarian, I think you’ll find yourself losing a good amount of weight in this one month.

  2. We surely enjoy the updates! Glad to hear you all are sleeping a little more and things seem to be getting into a routine.
    Walter seems to be doing quite well:-)

  3. Sharath said in conference today that Yogis eat only once a day (and you can have a single chappathi for dinner), Bhogis eat twice a day, sick people eat three times a day, and if you eat four times a day they should find you a graveyard.

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