One of the first things I noticed at the shala was the seriousness.  Then I noticed that no one smiled.  Everyone is very wrapped up in the their own practice and their own morning.  A few tentative smiles on my part were returned by scowls.  I didn’t realize how much I generally smiled in the course of a day or even a few hours, but I found myself stopping and not smiling for fear of that smile not being returned.  Then one morning something wonderful happened.  I went into the women’s changing room and was waiting for a spot to do my finishing poses.  One woman finished her savasana and rolled up her mat and then she smiled at me!  It lifted up my whole morning!  I decided right then and there that people in the shala needed more smiling at and I was going to smile at them and perhaps even venture a “good morning” from time to time in the hopes that someone else who desperately needed that smile would get one too.  I have to say that the first couple of times I ventured a smile, it still got returned with a frown, but as time has gone on, I am getting more and more smiles returned.  Today, I even got a returned smile and a “hello” from one of my most persistant frowners.  That makes me feel good! 🙂

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