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Mortgages and breaker bars

There is a new house. The lot is huge and the house is well located near a bike trail that goes directly to Google and with good schools nearby. However, it smells. Specifically like cigarette smoke and old lady (my apologies to anyone who considers herself an old lady). It also hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. Sooo….pretty much everything will need to be replaced eventually and it would be nice to also have an addition for a master suite complete with a Texas style walk in closet otherwise known as a child’s room in San Francisco. We hired a fantastic interior design team and are currently waiting for concepts for how to proceed with the house.

Have I mentioned recently how bad I am at patience and waiting? Have I also mentioned that we are currently paying rent and a mortgage? And that we are paying both while the new house is sitting empty? These two things do not combine together well and tend to result in a cranky and impatient me. Alex has less patience than I do. If I would let him, he would build a yurt in the backyard and move in now. So we decided that we needed to do something, anything that would let us feel like we were making some sort of progress.

The yard is currently packed dirt and a couple of trees and bushes. dirt and ugly shrubsSo we started in on digging around the yard. The front yard specifically. We are digging up the sprinkler system, seeing what works and converting it to a drip system so that we can put in native/drought tolerant plants. I think I am even going to do a succulent garden. The first weekend we worked on it, I ran into some roots and decided I needed a breaker bar.

the breaker barBreaker bars and me have a bit of a history. Back in my childhood in Texas, I did a lot of breaker barring. The soil was clay on top of rock and if you wanted to dig down much more than a couple of inches you ran into both in spades. My father quite enjoys digging holes and having his daughters out there digging holes with him. We had 5 acres behind our house. So needless to say, I used the breaker bar A LOT. I also pounded a lot of posts for fencing with a post pounder, but that is a different story.

So Alex brought home a breaker bar and we stuck it in the ground in the front yard. Thenthe breaker barring happening he took it and began using it on the concrete around the tree in the front yard. My eyes lit up and I just got so excited that we could actually do something instead of waiting for things to happen. Between the two of us we broke up all of the concrete and pulled it out.  Then we lifted most of it up into the wheelbarrow and took it around to the side of the house.  It just felt so good to actually accomplish a task.  There is something about physical labor that starts to break up the anxiety that builds up at the nape of my neck.  I also love that Alex looked at a square of large and heavy concrete, IMG_20150920_183334619_HDRdidn’t tell me no, but instead started to figure out how to get it out of there.  These are the moments when we are in perfect sync and work so well together to accomplish crazy tasks like breaking up and moving concrete.  I have the best husband. That is all. 🙂