About Bakeram Yoga

My yoga journey began almost two years ago.  I had a very stressful job as an attorney in Washington DC and I desperately needed a way to try to bring some balance back into my life.  I started going to a Sunday morning class at my local gym.  I had done yoga before, but wasn’t really taken with it.  This class was different.  The teacher talked about yummy stretches and Warrior II arm stretching as trying to grab your two favorite desserts at once.  I could relate to this!  It became the one time all week when I could really relax and let go of my week and it was wonderful.

About 7 months later life changed and we moved to the Bay Area in order for my husband to take a new job and I couldn’t have been happier to quit mine!  I found a wonderful yoga studio in downtown Mountain View, Yoga is Youthfulness, and began to take classes in earnest.  This immersion in yoga lead to other changes in my life as well.  It became much more important to me to know where our food came from and to create delicious and healthy meals for my husband and myself.

I have always cooked and baked.  Cooking was something my family has done for as long as I can remember.  However, at the point I started to deepen my yoga practice, I was only cooking to feed myself and my husband.  I wasn’t cooking to create something wonderful. At the time I began to deepen my yoga practice, I had the extra time to do more cooking.  So I began to cook more, and the more I cooked, the more I realized that the ingredients, particularly the fruits and vegetables were key to creating a nutritious meal that also fed my soul.  Yoga connected me more with the earth.  I have always loved to hike, but this was different.  I felt that I needed to help in caring for the earth and not destroying it with my existence.  I began to pay attention to the labels in the grocery store that listed where the produce had traveled from.  Many things came from as far away as South America.

This led me, in addition to the wonderful California weather, to gardening.  I wanted to know exactly where my food was coming from, that I wasn’t using fossil fuels to get it to my table and that no chemicals were used in growing it.

I decided that since we lived in California, we must be able to grow vegetables in our backyard.  So I bought some lettuce plants from our local OSH and dug out a little plot in the backyard.  Surprisingly they grew and they were so tasty that my husband and I started to plant more and more things.  We just finished building a greenhouse and are currently growing our seedlings for next year.  This year we plan to have almost 350 square feet under cultivation.

I have always loved to bake, but recently I am coming to terms with the fact that my figure can’t take all the sweets and it is possible that I am addicted to sugar.  Additionally, we have such yummy wonderful produce coming in from the garden that needs creativity to be turned into meals night after night.  I have since decided that the true test of a cook is how many ways s/he can use zucchini. Those things grow and grow and grow!  It is insane!  Although supposedly it can be added to chocolate chip cookies with no one the wiser….but I digress.  All of this produce combined with reading Julia Child’s, My Life in Paris, gave me the inspiration to really dig in and try out new recipes that had always looked too complicated in the past.  After my first elaborate fish pastry, I was hooked! I have been cooking my way through Julia Child, a wonderful Ayurvedic cookbook (the health science of India and a sister science to yoga) and anything else that particularly strikes my fancy.

And that is a very short version of how I ended up here today!  My gardening and cooking have grown out my love and my journey through yoga.  I look forward to sharing this love with you through teaching you to garden and then to be able to bring those deliciously fresh veggies into the kitchen and create a tasty meal for yourself and your family.

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