Eva’s Cookbook

Several years ago my sisters put together a collection of our family recipes as a Christmas present for my mother and myself.  The cookbook was a bit infamous for the typos in it.  This past year, I edited and expanded their original cookbook.  A full disclaimer: despite this being a website about gardening and generally healthy cooking, my childhood involved many a chocolate chip cookie and so this cookbook tends to favor the sweeter side of life.

I published the book on Lulu. You can download a free copy as a PDF file!

If you’d like to use the book in your kitchen, please consider buying a lovely paper copy. It’s spiral-bound so it lays flat in your cookbook holder. The cost is $20 plus shipping.

Recipes in the book:

  • Introduction
    1. Notes
    2. Sustainability
  • Breakfast
    1. Pancakes
    2. Waffles
    3. Banana Bread
    4. Maple Syrup
    5. French Toast
    6. Grandma’s Hot Crossed Buns (Cinnamon Rolls)
    7. Cranberry Muffins
    8. Zucchini Muffins
    9. Coffee Cake
    10. Multi-grain Scones
    11. Granola
    12. Granola bars
    13. Doughnuts
    14. Pumpkin Muffins
    15. Blueberry Muffins
  • Dinner
    1. Lasagna
    2. Turkey Skillet Pasta
    3. Lentil Soup
    4. Tomato Soup
    5. Quiche
    6. Chicken and Dumplings
    7. Pizza
    8. Pizza Margherita with Roasted Grape Tomatoes
    9. Cheese Soup
    10. Grandma Ida’s Vegetable Soup
    11. Shepherd’s Pie
    12. Trout with Pecan and Pine Nut Crust
    13. Potato Latkes
    14. Butternut Squash and Apple Soup
  • Sauces
    1. Hollandaise Sauce
    2. Mayonnaise
    3. Chocolate Sauce
  • Breads
    1. Sweet Bread
    2. Whole Wheat Bread
    3. French Bread
    4. Biscuits
    5. Cornbread
    6. Challah Marcie Schlessinger
    7. Tassajara Yeasted Bread
  • Drinks
    1. Chai
    2. Egg Nog
    3. Real Texas Margaritas
  • Desserts
    1. Aunt Lisa’s Charoset Balls (Spice Balls)
    2. Butterscotch Haystacks
    3. Mexican Bread Pudding
    4. Basic Gingerbread
    5. Royal Icing
    6. Brownies
    7. Light Brownies aka Congo Squares
    8. Lemon Squares
  • Pies
    1. Pie Crust
    2. Fruit Cobbler
    3. Prailine Pecan Pie
    4. Chocolate Cream Pie
    5. Key Lime Pie
    6. Basic Chocolate Frosting
    7. Basic Frosting Recipe
    8. Auntie Helen’s Cake
    9. Grandmother’s Chocolate Cake
    10. Wacky Cake
    11. Yellow Cake
    12. Carrot cake
    13. Grandma Eva’s Christmas Pudding
    14. German Chocolate Cake
    15. Chocolate Pudding
    16. Kit’s Chocolate Mousse (aka Peggy’s New Year’s Mousse)
    17. Coconut Layer Cake
  • Cookies
    1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
    2. Goat Cookies
    3. Christmas Cookies
    4. Snickerdoodles
    5. Reese’s Pieces
    6. Sand Dollars
    7. Chocolate Clouds
    8. Peanut Butter Cookies
    9. Cape Cod Oatmeal Cookies
    10. Lemon-Walnut Biscotti

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