Bakeram Yoga began with my love of yoga.

The more I practiced yoga, the more I realized
that yoga isn’t just something I do for an hour and a half in the studio, instead
it is a way of living.

My yoga practice made me realize that the food I eat deeply affects me.
If I ate fast food, I felt significantly different than
if I ate a meal I cooked at home with love and care.

The most satisfying food to cook and to eat is food that I grow.
There is something almost meditative
about puttering around the garden and taking care of it.
I feel calm and grounded in the garden in the same way that
I feel during yoga practice.

To me, gardening, yoga and cooking are all inter-related.
In my world one leads directly into the next one.

My yoga practice in the morning
leads me to want to work on the garden in the afternoon
which leads me to want to create a wonderful meal in the evening.

I feel that these three things have had a profound impact on my life.
I hope to share these experiences with you as we garden and cook together.

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